tinta china / indian ink


Neither with you nor without you.  Anxiety, necessity, the desire, the forbidden, the most difficult. I want to be with you, I don’t want to leave, I want to join forever. I don’t know what to do with you I don’t know how to use you, they don’t let me see you they don’t let me love you. You are my favorite you are what my body is asking for. I hate you, I love you.


Esta obra es la reflexión sobre lo que ha quedado por dibujar. Cómo seguir siendo pintor hoy en dia. Una declaración de amor a la técnica de la tinta china.
En la obra se ve mi estómago, esta parte del cuerpo tan pictórica (como un compañero artista dice: La pintura se crea desde las tripas) y mis brazos; una mano dibujando y otra masturbándome.
La obra termina con el orgasmo sincronizado con una canción de un programa infantil que se emitía en la antigua Yugoslavia que es donde pase parte de mi infancia y juventud.
pd un saludo a Marina Abramovic 😉
This work is a reflection on what is left to be drawn, about how to keep on being a painter today. A declaration of love to the art of ink.
In the work the stomache is visible,  such a pictorial piece of body (as a fellow artist says ‘painting is created from the gut’) and my arms, one hand drawing and other masturbating. The work ends with an orgasm synchronized with a song from a children’s program that was broadcast in the former Yugoslavia which is where I spent most of my childhood and youth.
PS. Best Regards to Marina Abramovic 😉
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